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Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan


(Established Under Tamilnadu Private Universities Act, 2019)

Tiruchirappalli - 621 112. Tamil Nadu, India.
Date of Online DSU - JET (Phase-I) - 28th April 2024 | Last Date for Applying Online Admission Entrance Test (Phase-I) - 26th April 2024       Admissions Open for UG / PG - 2024-25 : Apply Now       Approved by All India Council for Technical Education, (AICTE) New Delhi       Admission Enquiry      



Patent Number Inventors Patents Title Country
Dr. R. Ramkumar Resolve of Locust Epidemics in farming Exploitation using Machine Learning Approach. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar Employing of SOC tracker for rescuing a supervising a child in case of emergencies. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar Trial boost performance evaluation by integration of IOT with blockchain. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar Classifying DDOS Occurrences evaluation using machine learning approach with predictive analysis. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar Patent data lake with Block chain and IOT enabled access control. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar Stress Prediction using an Internet of stress prediction using an IoT based novel wearable smart electronic device using machine learning supervised technique. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar A Machine learning Algorithm to assess autism and its Symptoms in computer vision technique tools. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar Decentralizing and Securing network communications by evolving advanced block chain technology through secure-WSN. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar Avoidance of Monetary damage by analyzing fraudulent transactions using ML techniques. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar Intrusion detection recognition using deep learning for user devices with cyber-secure mechanism. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar Implementation of an enhanced ADV-IDPS approach to leverage OIT networks in household deployment. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar ML Strategies approach for analysis of IOT traffic Mechanisms in an IOT cloud Environment. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar AI based computer vision using ML approaches to predict and diagnose Autism disorders. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar Real time Disruption in IOT devices using Vulnerability Identification via ML Algorithm Hierarchy. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar Integrating machine learning to inspect modern agriculture investigations for tea leaf disease. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar Real-Time IoT applications for controlling waste disposal in smart city applications with integrated garbage bins. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar Identification and Assistance for human Eye Through Voice-based system to help autism children. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar Predicting Air Quality and Monitoring Model Using Machine Learning. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar Reduced Carbon Emissions from Vehicle Expulsion through Supervised Machine Learning Methodology. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar Maintenance of Hygienic Environment in Various human personal hygiene through wrist band using AI Techniques. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar AI Powered Technology for Chat Bot(CHAT GPT) the revolution and Evolution. India
Dr. R. Ramkumar Battery Management system for Green Energy Storage. India
Design Grant Patent - 373511-001
Dr. R. Ramkumar Solar Powered Object Sensing Based Public Lighting Fixture. India
Design Grant Patent - 369790-001
Dr. R. Ramkumar Solar Powered Biomass Integrated Crop Dryer. India
Design Grant Patent - 383823-001
Dr. R. Ramkumar Medical Waste Treatment Device. India
Design Grant Patent - 390395-001
Dr. R. Ramkumar Solar Powered Agricultural Electric Vehicle. India