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Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan


(Established Under Tamilnadu Private Universities Act, 2019)

Tiruchirappalli - 621 112. Tamil Nadu, India.
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Club Activities

Student Clubs

The Cliqs
(Photography club)
The Brainiacs
(Science Club)
The Organics
(Environment club)
Faculty coordinator: Dr. S. Dineshkumar
Student President: Mr. D. Avishek
Vice-President: Ms. V. Jasmine Princy
Faculty coordinators: Dr.V.Senthamarai Selvi Ms.V.Priyadharshini
Student President: Ms. M.S.G Ezhil Nilaa
Vice-President: Mr. S.Vasanthakumar
Faculty coordinator: Prof. R. Saranya
Student President: Mr. S. Gokul
Vice-President: Ms. T. Hemapriya

360 creatives
(Fine arts club)
Mix Tapes
(Music club)
English Literary club
Faculty coordinator: Dr. N. Bobby
Student President: Ms. B. Lavanya
Vice-President: Ms. H. Hemasri Haushala
Faculty coordinator: Mr. Shiyam Ganesh
Student President: Mr. V. Arul Mozhi Varman
Vice-President: Ms. G.S. Naveena Vani
Music Band Lead: Mr. Avishek D
Faculty coordinator: Dr. R. Vijayalakshmi
Student President: P.D.S.S. Durga Prasad
Vetrivel Punithan

Culinary club Electoral literacy club Tamil illakkiya mandram
Faculty coordinator: Dr. N. Bobby
Student President: Ms. A. Lourdes Maria Maurice
Vice-President: Ms. A Arokiya Helan
Faculty coordinator: Dr. R. Vijayalakshmi
Student President: R. Anusha
S.V. Siva Dharani
Faculty coordinator Dr. R. Meganathan
Student President: Mr. Sri Vigneswaran
Vice-President: Mr. R.S. Sri Rajharan

The Endurance club Movie critics club Know your rights and
responsibilities club
Faculty coordinators:
1) Mr. M Venkatesh Kannan
2) Ms. A Keerthana
Student President: Mr. G Varun Karthik
Vice-President: Mr. Vasanta Saiprasad
Faculty coordinator: Dr. N. Parthasharathy
Student President: Mr. S. Kishor
Vice-President: Mr. Manikanta Easwar
Faculty coordinator: Mr. Ragubalan P
Student President: Mr. B. Saigurucharan
Vice-President: Ms. S.A. Bavadharani

Gender Champions' Club Sports clubs Students' Counselor
Faculty Coordinator & Nodal teacher
Gender champion Dr. R. Sathiya Priya
Student President: Ms. S.S. Kalpana Devi
Vice -President: Mr. C. Jayesh Adithya
Dr. K. Tharmar Director,
Directorate of Sports
Mrs. Meera Ramesh,
Physcologist and counselor
Contact: 93631 07292

Club Activities

The Cliqs (Photography Club)

Cliq club operating under the students' affairs division provides a platform for photography enthusiasts to hone their skills, unleash their creativity, and share their passion for visual storytelling. We envision a community where every member feels inspired, supported, and empowered to explore the world through their lenses, capturing the beauty, diversity, and essence of life in its myriad forms. Throughout the academic year, Cliq Photography Club organizes variety of activities and events designed to engage, educate, and inspire the members. From interactive workshops and photo walks to guest lectures and exhibitions, there will be ample opportunities for learning, networking, and showcasing talent.

The Brainiacs (Science Club)

The Science Club is a dynamic hub fostering scientific curiosity within our university community. Committed to igniting passion for science, the club organizes engaging workshops, hands-on experiments, and interactive lectures. It serves as a platform for students across various disciplines to explore the wonders of scientific inquiry, promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing. With a mission to bridge theory and practice, the Science Club encourages innovative thinking and problem-solving skills. Join us in unravelling the mysteries of the universe, promoting a culture of scientific exploration, and contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of knowledge. Science enthusiasts, this is your space to thrive!

The Organics (Environment Club)

The Environmental Club, a green initiative under Students' Affairs at our university is committed to sustainability and eco-awareness. This club engages students in impactful activities such as tree plantations, waste reduction campaigns, and educational seminars on environmental issues. Through a collective effort, the club strives to create a greener campus and in still a sense of environmental responsibility. Join us in fostering a sustainable mindset, participating in eco-friendly projects, and contributing to a healthier planet. Together, let's make a lasting impact by promoting environmental consciousness and preserving the beauty of our natural world.

360 Creatives (Fine Arts Club)

Fine Arts Club, an expressive haven under Students' Affairs at our university is vibrant community that celebrates the diverse facets of artistic expression, from painting and sculpture to digital art and beyond. Through engaging workshops, exhibitions, and collaborative projects, the Fine Arts Club provides a canvas for students to unleash their imagination and refine their artistic talents. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a novice eager to explore your creative side, this club offers a supportive space to flourish. Join us in transforming ideas into visual masterpieces, fostering a culture that appreciates the beauty of artistic diversity.

Mix Tapes (Music Club)

The Mix Tapes Music Club, operating under the umbrella of the university's Students Affairs division, is a harmonious haven for music enthusiasts. This vibrant club serves as a creative melting pot where students can curate and share personalized playlists, transcending musical genres and fostering a sense of community. Through engaging activities like themed mixtape exchanges, musical discussions, and live performances, the club cultivates a deep appreciation for diverse sounds. Under the guidance of Students Affairs, the Mix Tapes Music Club not only amplifies the auditory landscape on campus but also creates a dynamic platform for students to connect, express, and celebrate the universal language of music.

English Literary Club

The English Literary Club under the aegis of students’ affairs is a platform for students who have a passion for literature and language. It aims to foster a love for English literature, enhance language skills, and provide opportunities for creative expression. The club has several objectives, including promoting appreciation for literature, enhancing language skills, encouraging creative expression, promoting critical thinking, and cultivating teamwork and collaboration. The vision of the club is to create a community of passionate learners who appreciate and celebrate the richness of English literature. The mission is to provide a platform for students to explore, engage, and excel in the realm of English literature through various activities and events.

Culinary Club

The Culinary Club, an exciting venture under Students' Affairs at our university is a delectable community that brings together food enthusiasts to explore the art and science of cooking. Through hands-on workshops, culinary competitions, and gastronomic events, members delve into diverse cuisines, sharpening their culinary prowess. The Culinary Club is more than just a cooking platform; it's a melting pot of flavors, fostering creativity and camaraderie. Join us to savor the joy of culinary adventures, meet like-minded foodies, and elevate your cooking skills. Let's turn every dish into a masterpiece together!

Electoral Literacy Club

The Electoral Literacy Club under the aegis of students’ affairs is a platform that aims to empower students with knowledge of the electoral process and encourage their active participation in democracy. It has several objectives, including promoting electoral awareness, encouraging voter registration, enhancing understanding of political systems and parties, promoting ethical and informed voting, and facilitating electoral reforms. The club envisions a society where every citizen is aware and actively participates in elections. Its mission is to foster electoral literacy among students, equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills, collaborate with stakeholders, advocate for electoral reforms, and inspire students to become active participants in democracy. Ultimately, the club plays a vital role in nurturing responsible citizens who actively shape the future of their nation.

Tamil illakkiya Mandram

The Tamil Illakiya Mandram operating under the umbrella of Students’ Affairs is a vibrant literary forum dedicated to promoting Tamil literature. It serves as a cultural haven for students passionate about the rich literary heritage of Tamil Nadu. Through diverse events such as poetry recitations, literary discussions, Dramas and storytelling sessions, the mandram fosters a deep appreciation for Tamil literature. It also provides a platform for budding writers to showcase their talents and engage in creative expression. Embracing inclusivity, the mandram welcomes students from various backgrounds, fostering a sense of unity through the love for Tamil literature. Join us in celebrating the beauty of Tamil language and literature.

The Endurance Club

The Endurance Club under the umbrella of Students’ Affairs aims to foster a community of sport enthusiasts, promoting a healthy lifestyle among students and faculty. The club's monthly activities include group rides, trail runs, hikes, and treks, with participation in local and regional endurance events. Led by an experienced team of elected leaders, the club plans to enhance members' skills through training sessions and workshops. The DSU Endurance Club aspires to be a catalyst for creating a vibrant community, encouraging individuals to surpass their limits and achieve their fitness goals.

Movie Critics Club

The Movie Critics Club under the aegis of students’ affairs actively promotes experiential learning beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. This unconventional approach exposes students to diverse facets of life through the visual medium, fostering engagement and appreciation. Group screenings provide a unique avenue for individuals to immerse themselves in a collective exploration of various cultures, allowing for enrichment, education, and a deeper understanding of cinematic excellence across different languages and genres. In essence, the Movie Critics Club stands as a distinctive league, where students transcend academic boundaries to celebrate the art of storytelling through film, creating a dynamic and inclusive space for cultural appreciation and intellectual growth.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

The "Know Your Rights and Responsibilities" Club at the university serves as an essential pillar, empowering students with a profound understanding of their legal and ethical standing. Operating under the jurisdiction of the Students Affairs department, the club orchestrates workshops, seminars, and informational sessions to educate students on their rights within the academic community and society at large. Additionally, it emphasizes the reciprocal aspect, highlighting the responsibilities that come with these rights. Through engaging discussions and collaborations with legal experts, the club not only fosters a sense of civic duty but also equips students with the knowledge needed to navigate various aspects of their academic and personal lives responsibly and ethically.

Gender Champions' Club

The University Gender Champions' Club, operating under the aegis of the Students Affairs department, stands as a vibrant and inclusive community fostering gender equality and empowerment on campus. Committed to dismantling stereotypes and promoting inclusivity, the club serves as a platform for open dialogue, awareness campaigns, and educational initiatives. Through workshops, seminars, and collaborative events, members engage in meaningful discussions addressing gender-based issues. The club actively advocates for equal opportunities, challenging societal norms. Under the guidance of the Students Affairs office, it strives to create a campus environment where diversity is celebrated, and all students feel supported, regardless of gender.

Sports Club

The University Sports Club stands as a pulsating hub within the vibrant student community, spearheading a culture of athleticism, teamwork, and holistic well-being. Under the auspices of the Students Affairs department, this dynamic club offers a diverse range of sporting activities catering to all interests and skill levels. From spirited intramural competitions to intercollegiate tournaments, the Sports Club fosters camaraderie and physical fitness. Guided by a commitment to inclusivity, the club encourages participation in both mainstream and niche sports, promoting a balanced and active lifestyle. As a result, the Sports Club emerges as a vital catalyst, uniting students through the universal language of sportsmanship and competition.